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Roli.eeServicesKart engine dyno

What engine is more powerful and in which turn range?



What carburetor would be the best for the specific engine?



What ignition lead and muffler length are the optimal for your engine?


We are using a unique hybrid dyno-stand which has no analoques in the Baltics.The stand combines both inertial and hydraulic brake stand advantages,which allows it to imitate real track race conditions extremely accurately.

Dyno-stand let to compare different engines,carburetors,muffler etc.The software takes a data from portable weather station and than corrects a result that lets to compare indexes received at different temperature,air density and humidity.  Also,on the stand any engine can be run in with load changes.Tuning engine on the stand let not to waist time for tuning engine in line but concentrates on pilotage improvement and tuning chassis.Starting with work on stand we always verified received indexes with the data available in real condition in line.Thus,we guarantee that you may use the information received on the stand in your favour.We will tune your engine and provide the common work of all its components.You will get a computer print of external data of your engine in run 100 turns including our advice about the engine operation.



Expert’s working day on the stand costs only 250 Euro, and for this time it’s possible to get much useful information about your engine and its components.






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