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Racing engine is an extremely sensitive mechanism.Any little inaccuracy can break all its operation.When engine is being repaired or tuned we follow quality standard developed by ourselves that takes extra time but guarantees high quality of our work.We have working experience with our foreign partners from Finland,Russia,Spain

whose engines we are preparing.You can surely entrust us with the following operations:




1. Engine complete repair including its all necessary parts replacement and crankshaft flattering.

2. New engine reconstruction according to our standards using special measuring and machine equipment.

3. Engine, engine parts selection and their combined adjustment on Dyno stand.

4. Identification of kart’s weighting,frame curvature,angle adjustment on special equipment using laser devices.

5. Training events arrangement for racers in Estonia and Finland.

6. Performance in Finnish and Baltic competitions with our Roli Motors Racing team including tour arrangement,technical and coaching support of our racers.













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